• The instructions for updating new firmware of Colorfly C10 Player

Update content:

We have:

  1. increase the USB-DAC function, you can play the music through connecting your PC and C10;
  2. Tincrease the cover of the playing albums;
  3. optimize the sonic boom appeared when changing the song;
  4. optimize the occasional sonic boom when DSD music is playing;
  5. modify the boot screen;
  6. modify the occupation of system to the CPU, thus improving the reaction rate;

Supplementary instructions:

  1. USB - DAC drive, techenique team is improving, please be patient.



Update method:

  1. copy the two documents in 20160721--c1028.zip to the root directory of inner storage( TF card is unsupported here, so please back-up your data before updating in case of data loss);
  2. start up and long press the return key to enter the system setting —> enter the device and store info of the system —> press the enter key to scan the new firmware —> press enter to start the updating;
  3. the machine would restart automatically after the updating and begin the use of the new firmware. If the player stop at the “update” screen and there is no animation, please press “RESET” to restart the machine and check up the system information, if the “Version column” is finally seen with “C1028”, then the updating is done;
  4. please ensure that the residual electricity quantity is more than 2(4 in total, which means it should be more than 25 percent at least) before updating, or you can charge it while updating.