• The instructions for updating new firmware of Colorfly C200 Player

Update content:

We have altered and optimized the followings:

  1. The BUG of sound loss between seconds of songs in former firmware;
  2. The POP sound of pressing the MoveNext/MovePrevious double or repeatedly;
  3. The sonic boom of skipping and POP sound;
  4. The occasional sonic boom of DSD music playing;
  5. The time of skipping has been shortened;
  6. The stuck, anamorphose and sonic boom of high sampling rate audio files playing;
  7. The BUG of automatic pausing and pressing play again but in vain when charging;
  8. The background noise of high sampling rate audio files playing;

Supplementary instructions:

  1. USB - DAC drive, techenique team is improving, please be patient.



Update method:

  1. Decompress the 20160714_C20016_update.zip in your computer, then copy the c200_update.bin to the SD card;
  2. Insert the SD card into C200, turn it on and long press the M key to enter the system settings→Device-Info and Stored Info→click the “enter” key to scan the new firmware, then begin the update;
  3. There will be a automatical restart after the update and you can experience the new firmware;
  4. Please ensure the enough electric quantity (at least more than 2, 3 in total) or charge it, when updating.