Colorfly shall respect and protect all users’ personal privacy rights using web service. In order to provide you with more accurate and quality personalized service, colorfly shall use and disclose your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Colorfly shall have a prudent duty to treat this information. Except as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, without users’ consent, we and our affiliates shall not share your personal information with any third party. Colorfly shall update this privacy policy at intervals. When you agree to the use of the colorfly website service agreement, you are deemed to have agreed with the entire contents of this Privacy Policy. This privacy policy is an integral part of the colorfly service use agreement.

1. Application:
Colorfly shall obtain the users’ personal data through the legitimate way;
Colorfly collects your published personal information and relevant data, including but not limited to participation in the event, transaction information and details shared;When you register or use the Colorfly account, please provide personal registration information and personal user data in accordance with the official website;

2. Information use:
Colorfly will not provide, sell, rent, share or trade your personal information to any unrelated third party;
Colorfly does not allow any third party to collect, edit, or by any means to disseminate your personal nformation;

3. Information Disclosure:
Disclosure to third parties with your prior consent;
Violation of China's laws, regulations or colorfly service agreement or the relevant rules of the situation, shall disclose to a third party;
To provide the products and services you require, you must share your personal information with a third party;
The IPR complainant has filed a complaint and should be disclosed to the Respondent at the request of the Complainant so that both parties may handle possible rights disputes;
In accordance with the relevant provisions of the law, or administrative or judicial requirements, information is required to disclose to a third party or administrative or judicial agencies;

4. Information security
You are registered in the use of colorfly account are security, colorfly will protect your information through technical means;
Please keep your user name and password information safe, if have any questions, please contact the Colorfly customer service immediately.